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Children´s Eternal Rainforest Monteverde

Children´s Eternal Rain Forest

In 1987 Swedish school children started a worldwide effort to purchase and protect rainforest in the Monteverde region of Costa Rica, one of the planet’s most bio diverse habitats.  Since then, children and adults from 44 nations have joined that effort.  Today, the 55,000 acre Children’s Eternal Rainforest is a testament to the change that can be accomplished by individual direct action.   Your support helps to protect the air we breathe, the water we use and the amazing abundance of life on which we depend.

As a result of our Land Purchase and Protection Campaign the Monteverde Conservation League was able to buy 250 acres of primary forest in 2005 that was threatened by development. Now it is forever protected in the Children’s Eternal Rainforest CER (El Bosque Eterno de los Niños) and is critical habitat for Baird’s Mountain Tapir and numerous other species.  In 2009 – 2010, donors to MCLUS’ Land Purchase and Protection Campaign enabled MCL to purchase 252 acres of primary forest that unites two sections of the CER and adds essential forest land and will help restrict poachers’ access to the CER.  Adding this contiguous piece of forest was an important step in creating and protecting the biological corridor so necessary for migrating species whose Pacific slope habitat has been lost to vast stretches of rainforest being chopped down to create cattle pasture.   This piece is particularly important because it gives us the opportunity to begin reforesting the pasture with seeds from the remaining forest nearby.  That will insure that native species of trees from the same altitude will provide the best possible reforestation, providing food source and habitat for migrating species of animals.